Our Story

The Beginning

For Brian Whitley and Richie Jones, it started with a passion for smoked meats (traditional and modern), music, craft beer, laid-back times and the unique culture that makes Middle Georgia such a great place to live. As the craft brewing industry in Georgia exploded in 2014, so did their dream of opening a place that displayed their passion for food artisanship and hand-crafted beer inspired by music. They envisioned a place where anyone and everyone could celebrate their love of great food and drink……….a place where everyone was family.

photo of owners
The Food

Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen is a Modern Smokehouse that prides itself on putting out both classic BBQ as well as unique specials. Using only the choicest cuts of meat and the freshest vegetables, we are excited to cook food that is cutting edge without being pretentious. Our menu is small yet well-thought out, offering our patrons unique and flavorful meals. Our goal is to always offer daily specials and off menu treats to keep things exciting. From appetizers to small plates to entrees to deserts, we are absolutely positive that you will find something on our menu to perfectly pair with one of our twelve inspired house-brewed craft beers. We realize that Middle Georgia has a lot of excellent dining choices, but it is our goal to be your #1 choice each and every time.

Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen
The Beer

With a focus on quality over quantity, Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen endeavors to be Middle Georgia's finest brewpub. As a small craft brewery, our goal is to focus on classic styles as well as unique/trendy styles that are brewed with the finest and freshest ingredients available. Our goal at Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen is to produce a wide variety of beer styles, around 20 unique offerings each year. Our offerings will include a wide variety of IPAs, pale ales, blonde ales, wheat beers, red ales, porters, stouts as well as barrel-aged beers. We even brew craft lagers, including our award-winning Satisfied Local Lager Beer. The Georgia Craft Beer industry is a community, and we are proud to be a part of it.

the people
The People

In the end it is all about the people. We have a great passion to please each and every person that walks through our doors. From our patrons, to our employees, to our suppliers and vendors, no single aspect can exist without the other. They are all family to us. Our philosophy is that if you create an environment where passion and hard work is nourished and encouraged, success will follow. We take great pride in having employees that believe in what we do, and desire to bring our patrons an experience filled with knowledge and brand loyalty. We have an ever-growing family and we invite you to join it!