Welcome to Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen

Middle Georgia's finest brewpub offering up a modern smokehouse, inspired house-brewed craft beer and a family friendly classic game room.

At Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen, don't expect your standard bar fare on our menu. We are not a traditional BBQ joint nor are we just another hamburger place. Our kitchen team creates unique twists on familiar items with interesting ingredients………..and that is what makes ours the best food in Middle Georgia. Our food is just as memorable as our brews.

Speaking of beers, we pride ourselves on brewing both familiar as well as cutting edge experimental styles with unique ingredients and the newest/freshest hop varieties. With twelve beers on tap, we have the flexibility to constantly experiment with new styles while continuing to produce our community's favorites like Satisfied Local Lager Beer and Sunshine Daydream Tropical IPA.

And while your waiting for a table or just having a beer, be sure to check out the arcade down in the basement.